Sounds like the start of an old kids joke right? Unfortunately at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the joke is on the kids! On Jan. 10, my daughter was assaulted in the early hours on the North Meck High School campus under the cover of missing and broken lightbulbs. After meeting with the school police officer we were told that they had been trying to have more than 50 light bulbs replaced on the campus. I contacted District 1 school board Representative Rhonda Lennon on Jan. 11 asking for her support to replace the bulbs. She immediately reached out to Guy Chamberlin. Guy responded on the same day with, “wheels are already in motion” to replace them, and it should take only a few days because they need to coordinate with Duke Energy. On Wednesday, Jan. 25, I asked Rhonda for an update on the lights since I had a PTSA meeting on campus the next day and wanted to provide the board with an update. Guy responded that the order was just placed that day, but that the lights would be repaired before the meeting on Thursday.

I was saddened as I walked from my car on Thursday evening on the dark campus, noticing none of the work had been completed and realizing that I failed my daughter by not even being able to resolve and provide a safe place for her to go to school everyday. How can we even attempt to improve the curriculum if we can’t even keep them safe? Don’t even get me started on bats, mice and mold!

Shame on CMS!

– David Dworak, Huntersville

Editor’s note: A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokesperson said the lighting issue has been solved. A faulty transformer was to blame for the lights going out. Electric crews repaired the transformer over the weekend.