by Aaron Burns

CORNELIUS – VectorVest, a software system that analyzes, graphs and ranks stocks according to their investing potential, serves stockowners in eight different countries.

It also includes personal portfolio analysis to help stockowners manage their investments.

The company has offices in Akron, Ohio, and in Cornelius, where it has maintained its call center, product development office and marketing center since 2001.

VectorVest Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Blake said the company moved its office to Cornelius from Buffalo, N.Y., for several reasons.

“We’re globally centric, with so many countries being a part of the company. But we love the lake area. That’s why we moved here,” he said. “We needed access to an airport, and figured this area was one where we could (grow).”

The company employs about 60 people in the local office, at 20472 Chartwell Center Drive.

VectorVest’s main software item in the U.S. is VectorVest 7, which analyzes more than 8,000 stocks daily. The program is offered in three ways with separate cost structures: End of Day, which gives results at the market’s close, costs $645 annually. IntraDay, with updates throughout the day, costs $895 annually, and RealTime, with to-the-minute updates, costs $1,295 per year.

The program works by using a series of formulas to predict which stocks will rise and which ones will fall.

Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce President Bill Russell said VectorVest competes for stockowners who use updates from Yahoo! to determine what to do with their portfolio.

“But having more than one choice is a good thing,” he said. “(With VectorVest and Yahoo!) you’ve got options as to where to go and who to rely on.”

Blake said his company knows what it’s up against and how it differs from competition like Yahoo! and Gorilla Trades.

“We go through the work. You have to do some of the digging yourself (with other companies),” he said. “We already have that data ready. We provide the info so you don’t have to figure it out.”

For those wanting to learn more about VectorVest’s operations and techniques, the company operates a training center in Cornelius to handle workshops and classes.

VectorVest’s Executive Premier Workshop, Jan. 17-18 at the training center off Chartwell Drive, costs $2,495 until Jan. 11, when the special price ends and the cost increases to $2,995. There’s also a one-day options course, which costs $795, on Jan. 19.

Blake said the plus to opening a workshop center in the lake area is that it can attract local stockowners interested in learning more about the company, but it’s also a viable destination to bring people across the country to Cornelius to attend a class.

“It says a lot about our area that a company (like VectorVest) would move its operations here,” Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Corporation CEO Jerry Broadway said. “We have a lot to offer businesses here.”

Facts about VectorVest

• Serves stockholders with specific software for markets in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and South Africa.

• Offices are located in Cornelius and Akron, Ohio.

• Created in 1978 by Dr. Bart DiLiddo to provide up-to-date stock market reports

• Visit or call 704-895-4095 for information.