What a delightful season for touring neighborhood light shows.

The Huntersville area is full of homes this year that sparkle and shine each night. The Herald Weekly’s eighth annual Tour of De-Lights captures just a sample of the outstanding holiday homes. We hope the 2012 tour brightens your holiday as much as it has brightened ours.

Here are some of this year’s standout light shows in the Huntersville area. Pack your crowd in the car and get ready for a dazzling display of holiday brilliance. Here’s the list of notable homes to see this year, organized by neighborhood:

(Bill Ward/Herald Weekly photos)

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Follow the tour with your family

Cambridge Grove

• 17604 Cambridge Grove Drive, Huntersville; Sam And Josie Nasife

• 17639 Cambridge Grove Road, Huntersville

Carrington Ridge

• 5622 Colonial Garden Drive, Huntersville (Musical); Joan and Scott Pavao


• 12518 Moores Mill Road, Huntersville; Devin Biery

• 12623 Hollyhock Lane, Huntersville; Randy Jones

• 12406 Locust Grove Lane Lighted Alliance; Cul-de-sac show


• 14820 Rosemary Way Drive, Huntersville; Sarah Bean


• 12729 Cumberland Crest Drive, Huntersville; Bob and Bonnie Szymczak

The Hamptons

9621 St. Barts Lane, Huntersville (Musical); Rita Wilson

Harvest Pointe

• 13513 Melrose Meadow Lane, Huntersville (Musical); Eric And Kristen Greenwald

Gilead Village

• 13624 Swinton Road, Huntersville; Andrea Walton


• 14904 Carbert Lane, Huntersville; Tim And Laurie Arndt

• 15038 Hugh McAuley Road, Huntersville (Musical); Ted Lipinski

• 15419 Hugh McAuley Road, Huntersville; Edward Zimnowski


• 15800, 15801, 15802, 15805 Lavenham Road, Huntersville; Cul-de-sac show

Shepherd’s Vineyard

• 103 Alden Lane, Huntersville; John and Robin Coble

Tanners Creek

7324 April Mist Trail; The Stafford Family