by  Aaron Burns

MOORESVILLE – The days of going to the local golf course’s club pro to correct a problem with your golf swing are numbered.

The Advanced Golf Performance Center in Mooresville uses biomechanics and kinematic sequencing – unwinding the hips, torso, arms and club during the swing – to maximize golfers’ potential on the course.The center opened Sept. 10.

What sets owner Tom Lowrie’s offering apart from other local coaches? It’s specialized on a player-to-player basis, PGA players use it and the results come quickly.

Adam Cardullo, general manager of Charlotte-based Charles Sifford Golf Course, said he worked with Lowrie once for just over an hour. Lowrie changed the sequence of Cardullo’s swing and slowed down his hand movement during the swing. The result: Cardullo’s speed when he swings his driver increased 10 miles per hour and he added about 20 yards to his distance.

“The technology of his system leaves no ifs, ands or buts about (improvement),” Cardullo said.

The market for specialized golf coaching in the area continues to grow as more courses sprout up around the lake and more people take up golf.  A National Golf Foundation study projected three million Americans will take up golf between now and 2020.

Lowrie, a Titleist Performance Institute certified coach and biomechanist, uses 6D sensor technology to monitor each body segment’s movement throughout a golf swing. When a hitch or error is found, Lowrie works with the golfer to speed up the swing and give it more power.

PGA Tour players Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Ernie Els used technologies like Lowrie’s teachings to improve their games.

“I’m surprised with how far technology has come in golf in just the past several years,’” Lowrie said. “It’s amazing how quick it can now be to fix a swing and make a player better.”

Lowrie’s performance center, which also includes junior coaching and personal training, is the first of its kind in the Carolinas.  He said he works with “stability, flexibility, range of motion and transferring energy (during the swing). We can enhance performance with training for speed, power and balance.”

The golf program at Queen’s College in Charlotte uses Lowrie’s performance program, but it also caters to players new to the game. The average golfer needs two to three one-hour sessions to make a significant impact on their swing, he said.

“(After that time) you’re on your way to an efficient swing,” he said.

Lowrie moved to Mooresville seven years ago and decided he wanted to work with area golfers. He said it was the first center on the East Coast to receive approval from the PGA Tour to teach continuing education classes for professional coaches.

Cardullo said he expects others to follow Lowrie’s lead and set up golf performance centers in the region.

“The market is there,” said Cardullo. “Ten years ago, this kind of technology was not there. It’s growing immensely now.”

Facts about Advanced Golf Performance Center

• Located at 140 Raceway Drive in Mooresville

• 6D Motion and Dual Video Camera V1 system sessions cost $100/hour

• Full TPI Fitness Evaluation costs $200

• Eagle Performance Evaluation (with 6D Motion analysis) costs $300

• Double Eagle Performance Evaluation costs $450

• Details: or 704-607-6975