CHARLOTTE – A Carolina Panthers quarterback has donated $150,000 to local middle schools as part of his foundation’s School Pride program.

The Cam Newton Foundation gave Bradley Middle School, as well as Randolph Middle School and Thomasboro Academy, each $50,000 at a Nov. 13 pep rally at Randolph Middle. Newton attended the event, where he challenged students to stay focused on school and being healthy.

“We are taking an active approach to making a difference in the lives of young people with the School Pride Program,” Newton said in a news release. “As a kid, I remember school pride days being a big part of what made school fun and motivating. I felt a huge void when those days ended. I believe students will perform better when they are proud of their schools and, ultimately, that helps our whole community.”

Bradley Middle principal Laura Rosenbach said her school will use the money to improve the technology that supports the school’s literacy program, fund student incentives, expand the student-mentor program and provide teacher appreciation activities.

“We are extremely honored and grateful to be chose as a Cam Newton Foundation school,” Rosenbach said. “Cam’s financial and personal commitment to CMS and Bradley will have an enormous impact on our school community. (This has) made our students realize that even their biggest heroes believe in the power of education and giving back.”