EnergyUnited was one of seven North Carolina cooperatives to send crews and trucks to assist co-ops in areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

EnergyUnited’s 20-person crew rolled out Oct. 29, to make the 360-mile trip to Hughesville, Md.When preparing to make the trip back to North Carolina, the EnergyUnited crew got the call to head 200 miles northeast, instead.

PPL Electric Utilities, an investor-owned electric utility, needed help restoring power to nearly 400,000 of its customers.

Arriving on Oct. 30, EnergyUnited crews spent seven days entrenched in the restoration efforts in the Pocono Mountain region.

In all, Sandy knocked out electricity to 8.5 million customers and damaged utility systems in 21 states. EnergyUnited’s crew returned home on Nov. 11.

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