by Aaron Burns

HUNTERSVILLE – Don’t expect to see “Swain ‘16” bumper stickers or yard signs in your neighborhood any time in the near future.

But that doesn’t mean Mayor Jill Swain’s Oct. 25 blog announcement of her run for the U.S. presidency is simply a joke.

“Who knows? It’s four years from now,” Swain, a registered Republican, said. “It’s getting people to talk. The point I’m trying to make is that in this political season, we’ve had a lot of animosity and derisiveness … if you’d take out the words that (cause conflict in political debates) you’d get a lot more done.”

Swain knows she’d have to get a lot done in order to go from mayor to President.

“The realities of it are very slim,” she said.

The post on her blog, SwainsWorld, included the following thoughts: “I don’t really believe in the current campaign financing laws, so I figure I’d best get started early…

I’ve often said that I believe we will never have a qualified president again. I mean, what compassionate, patriotic citizen who believes in doing what’s right for the country, would ever want to put their family and friends through the negativity of a campaign?

“Year after year, I watch what the campaigns have done to the citizens of our country and I’ve often thought someone needs to shake things up a bit, and get us back on track. That someone might as well be me.”

Swain’s post went on to say that she has political leanings that have a little to offer to everyone, but her cabinet would be decided based on experience rather than political affiliations.

Swain said she was heartened by the positive feedback she received after the announcement. She said her daughter Sydney responded matter-of-factly, “It’s about time,” when Swain told her of her intentions.

Davidson College Associate Professor of Political Science Susan Roberts said it’s going to take a lot just for Swain to have her voice heard on a national level.

“This is nothing against her as an intellectual. But if I were advising her, I’d tell her to start smaller: pick a state legislative position and start from there,” Roberts said. “It is absolutely impossible to run for President without a huge amount of donors and (Political Action Committee) endorsements.”

Swain said she’s keeping all her campaigning options open but not pressing the issue and seeking high-level support just yet.

“(The election is) four years from now,” Swain said. “A lot can change in four years, so who knows?”

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