Starting this week, Piedmont Natural Gas will begin to prepare Fisher Farm for the installation of their new gas line.

Piedmont will begin clearing the area along the west branch of the East Rocky River on Oct. 31.

More than a year ago, Piedmont began to look for routes to install a new gas line which would cross from the southeast side to the northwest side of the Davidson jurisdiction.

Early in the process, the Davidson Lands Conservancy and town staff approached Piedmont to encourage them to consolidate the route with future improvements, such as the greenway and any future sewer line extensions.

Mecklenburg County, who holds a conservation easement on Fisher Farm, is in agreement with Piedmont’s plan.

Piedmont will clear a 100-foot-wide course along the west branch of the East Rocky River.

In mid-November, Piedmont will grade the property to get their equipment into the site where they will construct the underground gas line.

The easement will run almost the full length of the Fisher Farm property along the West branch of the East Rocky River.

This portion of the park will be closed during construction, most likely from Nov. 23 through Dec. 15.

When the work is completed, there will be no visible signs that the pipeline is in place.

For more information, contact the Davidson Parks and Recreation office at 704-892-3349 or email Kathryn Spatz at