by Justin Vick

MOORESVILLE – Students from Woodlawn School donated $1,000 to the Mooresville Soup Kitchen on Jan. 5.

Thirty-six volunteers raised the money selling hot dogs at Christmas in Davidson. The school donated proceeds from the three-day festival to area nonprofits.

“Instead of raising money for the school, they use that as an opportunity for it to be a true community service experience,” said Emily Fowler, co-president of the independent school’s Parent Association.

Parents Pat Shaw and Edna Wyatt helped coordinate the hotdog sale.

“It’s a great way to be present and help the community, while having fun at the same time,” Wyatt said. She credited Nick Lyssikatos, owner of Brickhouse Tavern in Davidson, for donating food for the sale.

Students chose to donate proceeds to the Mooresville Soup Kitchen this year. Seventh-graders have adopted the soup kitchen as its service project. Students volunteer there once a month.

“It’s interesting to go in and be able to see other people who are less fortunate than you and help them,” seventh-grader Charlotte Berl said.

Classmate Amelia Woodall agreed. She believes it’s a good experience for anyone to see the differences in their lives and others, because it puts things in perspective and helps you realize how fortunate you are.

The Mooresville Soup Kitchen is fortunate to have schools like Woodlawn pitch in, Director Jody Schwandt said. The donation could be used to pay a month’s worth of utility bills, as well as other recurring expenses like garbage pick-up and internet service.

“A lot of these schools are instilling in their kids to give back, which is wonderful,” Schwandt said. Making time to volunteer isn’t easy with balancing academics, athletics and after-school activities.

At Woodlawn, service is incorporated into the curriculum at every grade level, Fowler said. “You really are exposed to almost every opportunity that is in the community to get involved.”