‘Another Davidson scam’


I was amazed to read the article regarding Davidson receiving a $350,000 grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study “healthy community initiatives.” Apparently, the town isn’t satisfied with wasting local tax dollars on useless projects. Now they’ve moved upmarket and are wasting federal tax dollars.

To earn the $350,000, the town has to complete three “health impact assessments” each year for the next three years. The health impact assessment involves “screenings to identify areas in which information could be helpful, scoping to select health effects to consider, risk-benefit assessments, developing recommendations, reporting results to decision makers and evaluating the new information’s effect on policy decisions.”

Only a dedicated bureaucrat could love language like that.

Why on earth do we think that Davidson will “offer a unique perspective on what it is to live a healthy, connected life?” Why is Davidson any different than any place else on earth? We’ll find out that walking is good for you and that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you. But we’ll spend $350,000 tax dollars for a useless study.

Don’t you think that the money could be better spent looking at cancer?

– Tom MacDonald, Davidson