As you know, the Huntersville town board voted for Option 3 for the northwest transportation study. I am a resident of Hubbard road. I bought this land on a dead-end, quiet street. We found out about the road even being considered going down Hubbard road by accident last year. We were made aware of one meeting last year. We found out purely by accident about the meeting the other evening.
There are many issues that were not addressed. The town already owns the right of way on N.C. 73. The entrance to the Duke Energy plant has not been addressed. The cost to move the power lines, gas lines and stream has not been addressed either. The residents on Bayshore and Sam Furr roads have sent out several flyers to their neighbors with incorrect statements with no real facts to back them up.
I understand if it is best for the town to take our land, I can accept that. But I purchased my property off of a main road and hope that it would build equity with plenty of land for my animals and myself. Now I am being taxed over $1,000 more a year, and I cannot even sell it for my old tax value, much less my new one. The residents on the lake paid less for their properties because they were on a main road. That was a risk they took. I realize that this might not happen for many years, but I am a prisoner on my own land now. I cannot sell it until the town wants to buy it because no on else will now pay what it is worth.
I believe Huntersville commissioners voted on this because it was a prime example of who screams loudest. Many of the people who would oppose Option 3 were not even notified. Who’s best interest were they looking out for? If this was not to happen for many years, what was the rush to make a decision with out all the facts?
– Jennifer Maskulyak, Huntersville