HUNTERSVILLE – The Captain’s Galley, 105 Statesville Road N., has agreed to pay $86,000 after former male employees claimed they were sexually harassed by a male staff member, according to a news release said.

The lawsuit, which was initiated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Peter Economos, a former employee of the restaurant, said male coworkers were harassed on a “daily basis,” the release from the federal agency said.

The suit claimed the men were “touched on the buttocks, nipples and testicles and were subjected to almost daily sexual gestures and comments between 2007 and 2008,” the release said. “Despite complaints Economos and the other employees made to the restaurant’s owner, the harassment continued, and after Economos complained about the harassment, he was ultimately discharged.”

Along with the cash settlement, Captain’s Galley has agreed to adopt policies to prevent sexual harassment in the future.