CONCORD – Cannon School’s athletes have been honored by the Charlotte Independent Schools Athletic Association for good sportsmanship. The Cougars are the inaugural recipients of the N.C. Independent Schools Athletic Association Sportsmanship Award for the conference

“Cannon School is honored to be the first school to receive this award,” Doug Maynard, the school’s athletic director, said. “I’m proud of our players, coaches and community for exhibiting good sportsmanship, which is needed now more than ever in interscholastic athletics. It’s especially meaningful to be recognized by the coaches of the other four outstanding conference schools.”

Sportsmanship is one of the association’s three core values, along with integrity and fair play. Last year it established sportsmanship awards to be given annually at the conference level throughout the state.

The varsity coaches of the conference’s four other schools – Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte Latin School and Providence Day School – rated the sportsmanship of all conference schools during the past school year, and Cannon School received the highest rating.