The American men and women teams won during last week’s National Wheelchair Basketball Association tournament that saw 250 players from seven countries take over gyms across Huntersville and Cornelius.

The tournament was deemed a rousing success as hundreds visited the area and turned out to watch the games in person and thousands streamed the games live online.

Dick Bryant, president of the league, told the Huntersville town board Monday that he was very happy the partnership could be struck with the town and Visit Lake Norman. The tourism agency and the town’s Parks and Recreation Department were able to secure the gyms needed to hold the week of games Aug. 7-14. Games were held at Lake Norman Charter, Huntersville Elementary, JV Washam Elementary and Bailey Middle schools, as well as Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatic center.

Bryant told the Huntersville board he hopes the games were able to inspire as well as entertain.

“We want young people to see that if you’re dealt from a deck of cards that may not have all 52 in there,” Bryant said, “you can still do something with your life.”

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is in talks to hold the games in Huntersville next year.

Tournament results:

1. USA Blue (6-1)
2. Great Britain (4-3)
3. Canada (5-2)
4. USA White (3-4)
5. Australia (3-4)
6. Germany (2-5)
7. Japan (0-6)

1. USA (5-0)
2. Japan (3-2)
3. Germany (3-2)
4. Netherlands (1-4)
5. Canada (0-4)