On Wednesday, Aug. 3, at approximately 6:15 p.m., I came across 20 to 30 cyclists riding down Ramah Church Road east of N.C. 115.

While they did their best to stay on what little shoulder there is on that road, if anyone of them had an accident there would have been multiple bikes involved, since they were riding very close to each other. This coupled with cars trying to pass them could result in serious injury or death.

While I am in favor of sharing the road with cyclists and routinely see two to four riding at a time, this amount of bikes should not be allowed to ride on Huntersville streets without some sort of secured route or police involvement. Most of the streets in this town do not have any real shoulder to safely ride on. I would hope that the next time this group decides to ride in great numbers that they take into account their safety and consideration of the drivers.

– Paul Pagliaro, Huntersville