Recently, our state legislature passed the “Women’s Right to Know Act,” which required a waiting period and an ultrasound before permitting an abortion. Gov. Beverly Perdue vetoed that bill on June 27. Her reasons are astounding! Madame Governor believes that the bill had two fundamental flaws: it interfered in the relationship between a woman and her doctor, and it failed to respect women’s judgment.

Let’s consider that first objection – that the bill interferes in the relationship between a woman and her doctor. North Carolina also has laws establishing insurance regulations, restricting access to prescriptions, requiring medical licensing and banning medical marijuana. Does Madame Governor suggest that the state doesn’t already interfere in the relationship between a woman (and man) and her doctor?

Her second objection, that the law fails to respect women’s judgment, is even more laughable! North Carolina bans the use of midwives (unless they are otherwise licensed health-care workers) for the delivery of babies. So, the state has criminalized a major choice for women during childbirth. The state restricts access to alcohol, tobacco and certain drugs. Don’t those laws “fail to respect women’s judgment”?

I must seriously question the judgment of this one woman, my state’s governor, when she won’t let a woman buy a joint or even have a beer without state approval, yet she objects to mere information for a woman contemplating killing an unborn child. That is a seriously disturbed order of priorities!

– Chris Cole, Huntersville