Margo Williams and a co-writer are about to publish their first novel through It’s an e-book titled “Madame President,” a political thriller. They’re designing the cover and will have to do their own marketing and promotion.

Through her writing business, A Way With Words, Williams continues to provide writing services to Johnson C. Smith University and, occasionally, Davidson College. So as the deadline approached for her to file for her ninth term on the Davidson town board, “I decided it was the right time to step away from that particular table and seat,” she said.

She wants to stay involved in several Davidson initiatives and hopes future town boards will allow her to “sit at many more tables.”

Two particular initiatives remain close to her heart:
• The town’s Affordable Housing Program, which she helped design and foster. She will remain active with Davidson Housing Coalition, which partners with the town, to provide affordable housing.
• The town’s healthy living initiative. She’s hopes to keep working on the committee guiding that initiative, which she said encompasses many fields.

She believes the town is addressing many of those needs, including:
• Financial stability and economic health. The town is turning MI-Connection around and promoting economic development, she said.
• Civic health. Getting citizens to write a comprehensive plan was a big step, she said, and the board also began holding “community chats” in neighborhoods.
• Diversity and sustainability. The Affordable Housing Program and the effort to bring commuter rail service to Davidson will play important parts.
• Physical activity, which includes providing sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways and open space and also providing activities where people can meet.
• Environmental health, which includes preserving natural habitats, such as Fisher Farm.

Williams feels confident in the experience of the three incumbent commissioners running for re-election as well as the “great challengers.”

“Davidson voters are smart and well studied, and I’ve always felt confident in them and still do,” she said.

The debate about Davidson’s purchase, along with Mooresville, of MI-Connection did not affect her decision. “Really, I feel like we just do a real good job of talking to each other in Davidson, she said. “I think we have exciting things before us. I think the future’s bright.”