(This letter was originally an email circulating amongst several of Mecklenburg County officials and drug prevention leaders about displays at a
Bi-Lo store that had been stacked on top of a motorcycle and jet ski. It reads in part …)


Linking alcohol to a motorcycle and jet ski in a grocery store ad is significant enough for us to also let our elected officials know that if stores cannot police their own aisles effectively in Mecklenburg County and North Carolina, that perhaps we need our elected officials to take a leadership role in setting standards.

As you are aware, driving is not the only issue with these displays. But just for a start, our last Youth Drug Survey shows that alcohol use by our underage youth is increasing.  The type of add that combines alcohol with cell phones and jet ski (or motorcycle) also exhibits for our youth that alcohol will help make them cool.

– Andie Anselmi, Coordinator
Charlotte Mecklenburg
Drug Free Coalition

Editor’s note: After being forwarded the letter, John Gianakas, Bi-Lo’s vice president of center store and category management, released the following statement: “Bi-Lo does not endorse this display and will not allow any displays that tie alcohol and driving together in any of our stores. The display in question has been removed from the store. Additionally, Bi-Lo is alerting all its beer distributors that displays like this are not allowed.”