DAVIDSON – Community School of Davidson is one three U.S companies, and 70 worldwide, competing $1 million worth of travel experiences to Queensland, Australia.

Earlier this year, Tourism Queensland sent out a Million Dollar Memo inviting companies to create a video that demonstrates why their workplace is a great place to work and why Queensland is the ultimate reward destination. Jennifer Chaffman, a Community School of Davidson teacher, decided to enter on a whim and recently learned that the school is one of 70 organizations still competing for the award.

That group will be winnowed down to 20, with Tourism Queensland picking 17 finalists, and a public vote choosing three more. The school encourages Community School of Davidson students, parents and staff, as well as community members, to log on to www.MillionDollarMemo.com and vote for the school’s entry until July 1.

A representative from each of the final 20 companies will travel to Queensland to tour the area and participate in a series of “exciting and unique” challenges. The winning representative will earn $1 million worth of travel expenses to Queensland for their company to use between July 2012 and June 2013.

The charter school is one of the smaller workplaces represented in the competition and one of two schools. Larger multinational companies participating in the competition include Yahoo!, Twentieth Century Fox, Mary Kay and Groupon.

Chaffman said she hopes that the school’s staff will benefit if it is fortunate enough to earn the winning votes.

“Our annual staff retreat is a time for renewal for our staff, a time to reflect on what we’ve done in the past and what we hope to do in the future.  The opportunity to bring that retreat to a new place, like Australia, is too fabulous to imagine! I love the idea of new experiences there, plus maybe the opportunity to visit schools and share with teachers there, as well as the richness of experiencing a new culture that our teachers would be able to bring back to school.”