I would like to comment on your article “Charter school director sends parents message on bullying.”

Relative to Mr. Riemer’s message to parents, he states there is an expectation at Lake Norman Charter School that students should “treat one another with dignity  and respect at all times.”

I agree with this expectation for students, but I would also suggest that it be extended to Mr. Riemer himself. In my opinion, I am not sure he understands the definition of the words “dignity” or  “respect.” I don’t think you can set expectations for your students that you are not able to follow yourself.

If you want to follow up on these  omments, you may want to contact former Lake Norman Charter School employees. I’d suggest you  also speak to the current  employees, but I suspect they are reluctant to speak their mind in “fear” of  their employment.

Perhaps Mr. Riemer should listen to the words of his message to parents and be personally accountable in meeting the same  expectations.

– Michael Price, former Lake
Norman Charter School employee