After reading the last few negative letters you have published about Mr. (Tim) Riemer, (managing director at Lake Norman Charter School), I hope that you provide me the opportunity to share with you the other perspective.  I would like to do so by responding to the statements and questions posed by the previous submissions:

Beth Cornwell asked, “How does Mr. Riemer explain the number of employees that have left the school in the past two years, either willing or unwilling?” Any good leader wants to have the best team. For a leader of young minds, this is even more critical because they are developing other future leaders. If there are members of your team that are not meeting expectations, they need to be replaced. As Jack Welch put it, “You cannot have a black hole in your organization where a star should be.” Tim is looking for stars to make sure my kids have a brilliant sky to look up to. That is the only explanation he needs to give me.

In Mike Price’s letter, he states, “I don’t think you can set expectations for your students that you are not able to follow yourself.” I have worked for Tim Riemer in the athletic department for the past 3 years. I have to say that not only has Tim treated me with the utmost dignity and respect, he has also been incredibly supportive of me, my student athletes and my family.

Doug Hargett stated, “The good news is Lake Norman Charter School can be great again with the right leadership. For the sake of the students, let’s hope it happens.” I have 53 student athletes I am responsible for in the high school at Lake Norman Charter. Their average GPA is above 3.7 and will most likely rank no. 1 in the state this year for all lacrosse teams. This “greatness” is a direct result of Tim Riemer’s leadership and the staff he has put in place since he arrived.

A friend of mine recently shared with me something Tony Dungy said in a talk at the Charlotte Touchdown Club. “Success is uncommon therefore not enjoyed by the common man.” It is easy to be common and complain. Anybody can do that. It takes hard work to be uncommon, keep your mouth shut and do your job. Tim is uncommon, and that is how and why we like him.

– Terry Gobble, Head lacrosse coach, Lake Norman Charter School