This letter is in response to your April 29 article “Charter School Director Sends Parents Message on Bullying.”

I feel it is ironic that Mr. Riemer, managing director of Lake Norman Charter School, sends a message to parents about stopping bullying when his leadership style reflects the opposite. I, too, have experienced his bullying, undignified, and disrespectful tactics when I was an employee of Lake Norman Carter School.

How does Mr. Riemer explain the number of employees that have left the school in the past two years, either willing or unwilling? I know of at least 20 such employees, and there are probably more that I am unaware of.

My question is also to the board of Lake Norman Charter School. Are they unaware of his tactics, or do they support them? Maybe it is time for the parents of students at Lake Norman to start asking questions. Maybe they are afraid to speak their mind to the board and Mr. Riemer in fear of repercussions toward their children. Teachers there have learned not to question Mr. Riemer. I feel it is time for parents to come forward and ask questions to get Lake Norman Charter back on track to being an institution of respect and dignity, as outlined in its charter.

– Beth Cornwell, former Lake Norman Charter School employee
Last week, Huntersville Commissioner Charlie Jeter released the letter below (titled
"Tax increase unnecessary") about the town’s budget. The Herald Weekly gave all commissioners a chance to respond in 250 words. Commissioners Sarah McAulay and Ron Julian did not respond.