MI-Connection Board Chairman John Venzon stated, “We have done nothing but accomplish what people asked: Give us better service.” That may be, but people were also told that purchasing a cable company would be a “cash cow” for the towns of Davidson and Mooresville. Instead, it has been a cash drain, with fully 25 percent of Davidson’s annual budget going to subsidizing the losses of MI-Connection.

To the extent people are “griping” about MI-Connection, it is not to do with its service but rather the failed promise of cash flows and the fact that our elected officials saw it wise to bet the bank without first asking the citizens for their approval via a referendum. It has become apparent that the people actually know best. Our elected officials have responded by avoiding responsibility for the purchase of MI-Connection and trying to shift the blame for this financial failure on to the citizenry who did not want to get into this venture in the first place.

For people to sign up, those who brought us MI-Connection need to “own up.” In the 2009 municipal elections in Davidson, none of the incumbents who voted for or supported the purchase of MI-Connection in 2007 even mentioned it in their speeches or campaign literature, even though they gladly listed scores of other accomplishments over the years.

Should they choose to run for re-election this fall, I would hope that Mayor Woods and commissioners Williams, Venzon and Jenest will acknowledge their support of buying MI-Connection in 2007. A sense of responsibility and humility I think would go a long way towards making the citizens feel a sense of ownership in MI-Connection and would tip more people into the MI-Connection customer column. That ultimately should be the goal of everyone.

– Rodney Graham, Davidson