HUNTERSVILLE – The Kepner family, a fifth-generation funeral home business in Wheeling, W.Va., has completed its acquisition of Raymer Funeral Home & Cremation Services.

To assure Lake Norman-area residents that the funeral home, founded by John Raymer in 1989 will continue as a family-owned business, the new owners have blended old and new as Raymer-Kepner Funeral Home and Cremation Services.

In a news release, the new owners noted that Raymer operated the funeral home until his death in 2009 and, in his long-term succession plan, “insisted the Raymer Funeral Home remain under family ownership.”

Today, brothers John D. and James B. Kepner own and operate Kepner Funeral Homes in Wheeling, and “the Kepner and Raymer families have taken the past several months to become acquainted and to assure one another that Raymer Funeral Home will be positioned to meet the expectations of the families it serves,” the news release said.

To cement the joining of the two family operations, John Kepner and his wife, Claudia, have moved to Huntersville and “look forward to working with the current dedicated staff of Raymer,” according to the release.

Many families have made funeral pre-arrangements with Raymer during the firm’s 22-year history, and those funds “are secured in financial institutions approved to hold pre-need funds by the State of North Carolina,” according to the release. “It is important to both the Kepners and Raymers that families with pre-arrangements be assured their pre-need funds are secure.”

Find more information at the funeral home’s website,, or call 704-892-9669.