I am very proud to be a part of the majority vote at the recent Town Board retreat enabling the citizens of Huntersville, via a referendum, to finally get a chance to decide on what I view is the most pressing need in Huntersville – a new police department.

I am even more honored that our men and women of the Huntersville Police Department will finally get an answer from the citizens after what has been more than three years of studying and debating site location choices and, sadly, no decision made to date.

However, unlike the most recent, large capital expenditures decided on by Huntersville Town Boards with resultant long-term debt service, this time the very citizens we represent will get to cast their individual votes at the polls, and thus the citizens will shape the future on this capital expenditure rather than just five commissioners at the dais.

More information will be released and discussed in forums as to the benefits and implications of this referendum, and arguments will be made both for and against ,which is encouraged and healthy for the betterment of Huntersville. However, I implore each citizen to gather the facts on this issue, talk to the Huntersville Police officers, talk to your town commissioners, or even visit the current HPD facility to form your own opinion and position – and then vote!   The most powerful right we all possess is our ability to vote, so please do this in November.

– Ken Lucas, commissioner,
Town of Huntersville