DAVIDSON – Pine Lake Preparatory sixth-grader Alex McCaskey, 12, collected about 1,000 juice boxes for the Ada Jenkins after-school program in Davidson. He chose to do the collection as part of his school leadership project this year and got a lot of help from his Scout Troop 72 and his neighbors, who donated boxes and money.

The center receives donations of snacks throughout the year but always has one day a week that isn’t covered, Program Director Diane Means said. Alex’s hard work over the course of three weeks earlier this month will provide the children at Ada Jenkins with enough juice boxes for every day that isn’t covered through the end of the year, she said.

And the example Alex set for the students at Ada Jenkins is also important. “It helps the kids understand that young people can make a difference in their community,” Means said, “which is probably the most important part.”

For more information or to donate, visit www.adajenkins.org or call 704-896-0471.