When I think about travel and tourism, I recollect some of the classes I took during my first degree at UNC Greensboro. Government does a great job of monitoring and administering the parks and recreation departments throughout our great country. As for special programs, events, sports teams, etc., an unbiased business entity flourishes with the betterment of a community and money as their only focus.

As an actively engaged member of an area nonprofit, I have seen what happens when our local government administers budget cuts. I certainly understand the predicament, and I am literate enough to know why this happens. However, I am bewildered as to the logic of our three Lake Norman town mayors with the enactment of a task force to oversee what is already being done by Visit Lake Norman.

The towns already give back 50 percent of what is rightfully ours to the city of Charlotte. The remaining 50 percent – that we should be using to garner more tourism to our area – is then cut again by our fine government and we are left with 28 percent to do what the original 100 percent was put in place to do. Our local restaurant and hotel businesses pay their share of tax and they simply want more people to swing their doors every day. The team at Visit Lake Norman does a great job to assist them because they genuinely want to see the area prosper and it is their daily motivation.

Why does government want to meddle in something that is working? I do not want to assume the worst and highlight that the 28 percent that is left for Visit Lake Norman to work with could possible become smaller and that someone’s political hands may do something with it that the community as a whole would not agree with. There are numerous uses for the money and as an employee that works in one of the largest companies in the construction industry, I certainly enjoy when they spend it on roads. Nevertheless, think about all the times government touches free enterprise and I leave the rest of the story to you.

– Bryan Spach, Huntersville