Drivers get chance to see life through ‘fatal’ goggles

CORNELIUS – The Cornelius Police Department, in partnership with B.R.A.K.E.S and State Farm Insurance, on Feb. 26 will host a Driver’s Experience Event from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the town hall parking lot, 21445 Catawba Ave. The event will provide a free learning opportunity about the fatal consequences and dangers of driving while intoxicated.

Participants will have the opportunity to navigate through a course operating a golf cart while wearing the fatal vision goggles that the department received through a grant funded by the N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program. A limited supply of free food will be on hand at this event. For more information about the event, call the police department at 704-892-1363.

Grass fire on I-77 backs up traffic

DAVIDSON – A fast-moving grass fire backed up traffic on Interstate 77 Valentine’s Day afternoon as Davidson fire crews were called out to extinguish the fire.

Crews responded a little after 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 14, after the fire was reported on the grass median near exit 30. Firefighters put out the fire quickly, but current dry weather conditions have made much of the brush a high fire hazard. Firefighters ask everyone to exercise caution and fire safety.

Davidson launches Vial of Life program

Davidson has launched the Vial of Life program, an initiative to help first responders understand specific medical needs of town residents in emergency situations.

The program asks residents to write pertinent medical information on a sticker that can be put on or inside the home’s refrigerator and a bright red sticker on their doors. This will help police, firefighters and paramedics understand the immediate needs of those who call for help.

The Davidson police and fire departments teamed up with the Davidson Committee on Aging to initiate the program. CVS Pharmacy is providing the materials.

Anyone who wants more information or a Vial of Life kit should e-mail the aging committee at

Two gas leaks keep firefighters busy

DAVIDSON – Firefighters responded Tuesday, Feb. 15, to two separate natural gas leaks.

Shortly after 10 a.m., firefighters were notified of a natural gas leak near The Pines in Davidson, a senior-living facility on Avinger Lane. A Public Service Natural Gas Company crew also responded and repaired the pipe by 11 a.m., police said. No evacuation was necessary.

At 2 p.m., firefighters were called to another gas leak, this time along Potts Street. Responders were able to close the leak without incident. No evacuation was needed.

Police reports

HUNTERSVILLE – Excluding routine citations, the Huntersville Police Department reported the following charges, including the places and dates of arrests or citations, from Feb. 8 to 14:
• Henry Anthony Abramowicz, 47, DWI, at 12710 Windyedge Road. Feb. 8.
• Andrew Scott Edwards, 20, possession of marijuana at 15000 N. Old Statesville Road. Feb. 9.
• Davon Malcolm Woodard, 18, possession of marijuana, at 12399 N.C. 73. Feb. 10.
• Keaton Michael Phillips, 17, possession of marijuana, at 12701 Old Statesville Road. Feb. 14.
• Mario Ewan Gibson, 28, assault on a female, at 10155 Gilead Road. Feb. 14.

CORNELIUS– Excluding routine citations, the Cornelius Police Department reported the following charges, including the places and dates of arrests or citations, from Feb. 8 to 14:
• Artur Zbigniew Mikulski, 30, assault on a female, at 8615 Creek Trail Lane. Feb.  9.
• Brandon Earl Marby, 25, carrying a concealed gun, at 19399 Coachman’s Trace. Feb. 9.
• Tirell Lamont Burton, 24, assault and battery, at 20832 Catawba Ave. Feb. 9.
• Sherman Waddell Burton, 32, assault and battery, at 20832 Catawba Ave. Feb. 9.
• Jacob Adam Brabble, 22, DWI, at 19829 W. Catawba Ave. Feb. 10.
• Jeremy Matthew Mayhorn, 37, theft, at 310 Southland Road. Feb. 11.
• Michael James Light, 62, DWI, at 19725 Oak St. Feb. 11.
• Jonathan Carey Callaway, 32, DWI, at 402 E. 11th St., Kannapolis. Feb. 11.
• Harold Jackson Torrence, 59, theft, 21224 Catawba Ave. Feb. 12
• Scott Tyson Smith, 33, drunk and disruptive, at 8817 Washam Potts Road. Feb. 12.
• Stephen Michael Brooks, 27, DWI, at 19774 One Norman Blvd. Feb. 12.
• Marc Peter Williams, 27, DWI, at 19499 Jetton Road. Feb. 12.
• William Frank James Ahern, 31, assault on a female, at 21404 Aftonshire Drive. Feb. 12.
• Larry Phillip Yonish, 63, DWI, at 18309 Statesville Road. Feb. 13.
• Carl Elliot, 46, simple assault, at 19437 Meridian St. Feb. 13.
• Guillermo Marcos Ceballos, 41, DWI, at 21126 Catawba Ave. Feb. 14.

DAVIDSON– Excluding routine citations, the Davidson Police Department reported the following charges, including the places and dates of arrests or citations, from Feb. 7 to Feb. 13:
• Dara Lindsey Gascho, 22, possession of drug paraphernalia, at 18700 River Crossing Blvd. Feb. 8.

HUNTERSVILLE – The Huntersville Police Department received the following reports of crimes from Feb. 8 to 14:

Armed robbery
• 16500 block of Redcliff Drive. Feb. 10.

• 10300 block of Vixen Lane. Feb. 8.
• 11200 block of Warfield Avenue. Feb. 11.
• 8700 block of Devonshire Drive. Feb. 13.

Car break-ins
• 13100 block of Windy Lea Lane. Feb. 8.
• 13500 block of Old Statesville Road. Feb. 9.
• 13400 block of Long Common Parkway. Feb. 10.

• City Paws, at 9526 Birkdale Crossing Drive. Feb. 10.
• CVS Pharmacy, at 9931 Gilead Road. Feb. 13.

• 11500 block of Beatties Ford Road. Feb. 8.
• 12630 Framfield Court. Feb. 9.
• 12900 block of Bradford Hill Lane. Feb. 10.
• 6900 block of  Garden Hill Drive. Feb. 10.
• 12900 block of  Bradford Hill Lane. Feb. 10.
• 100 block of South Church Street. Feb. 11.

• 15400 block of North Old Statesville Road. Feb. 13.

CORNELIUS – The Cornelius Police Department received the following reports of crimes from Feb. 8 to Tuesday, Feb. 14:

• 21300 block of Nautique Boulevard. Feb. 8.

Car break-in
• 21300 block of Pine Street. Feb. 12.

• Food Lion, at 20125 N. Main St. Feb. 11.

• 21300 block of Nautique Boulevard. Feb. 11.
• 19800 block of Old Jetton Road. Feb. 11.

• 19500 block of Smithville Lane. Feb. 13.
• 10100 block of Westmoreland Road. Feb. 14.