MOORESVILLE – Davidson Day School’s plans for a second campus in Mooresville hit another speed bump Monday, Dec. 5, when Mooresville commissioners tabled a rezoning request for a 179-acre piece of land between Mackwood and Faith roads.

Questions concerning traffic congestion on N.C. 115, school financing and other potential problems with the new site have kept plans on hold since September. The property, originally intended for the 327-home Stafford Subdivision in 2006 and owned by BB&T, was rezoned from a suburban residential property (R-20) to a single family residential property with conditions (R3-C), meaning certain conditions had to be met before the land could be used.

To speed up the building process, WGM Design, on behalf of Davidson Day, asked the board permission to rezone the land to a single family residential property (R3), meaning the conditions could be waved.

If the board approves rezoning, Davidson Day would have to close on the land within 48 hours, WGM Design President Bill Monroe said. But before Monday’s meeting, the school wasn’t financially prepared to do so, another reason the request was tabled.

“115 and Mackwood are controlled by the N.C. DOT,” Monroe said. “We’ve met with them and there would need to be some improvements. Traffic studies and other types of things like that would be done down the road.”

After a lengthy discussion, Commissioner Miles Atkins motioned to table the request until January. Because of that, Monroe said the price of the property would increase approximately $200,000. Monroe did not return calls to explain that increase.

The town board meets again Jan. 3, 2012.