Most of you know by now that I had a massive heart attack on Tuesday, Dec. 6. It was called a widow maker as the survival rate is less than 5 percent. I experienced a God miracle. When I told my wife, Janet, I wasn’t feeling well and she suggested calling 911, I told her to just drive me to the emergency room. She didn’t take the freeway but went the side streets. I basically died right as she drove by the Huntersville Police Department. She ran in to ask for help and two policemen with defibrillators got my heart working after four shocks. They called an ambulance and, instead of taking me to the local Presbyterian hospital, they took me to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, one of the best heart hospitals in the country. Anyone who doesn’t think God performs miracles today, I can only testify that this was a true miracle. If this had not happened in the exact order that it did I would not be writing this now. This could only be divine guidance.

God has a way of giving us wake-up calls to change what we are doing or redirect us to His benefit. In this case, I looked hard at what and who I was working with, what I thought the goals were and then took a hard look at where I felt God was redirecting me to. I believe I was thinking too small.

Our efforts with my company, the
Octogon Group, to help housing in Haiti are just a small part of the plan. I believe we need a much bigger vision. It needs to be a world vision. If it means talking to world leaders, Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, Habitat for Humanity, etc, we should not feel anyone is too big for us to talk to. If I look at all the people on the team, we have everything we need to make this amazing – an incredible building system, engineers, architects, financiers, doctors, non-governmental organization specialist, energy specialist, etc. We have everything we need. All we needed was God to increase our vision.

The next step is to look hard at what the world needs in terms of living structures. We think in terms of how we live, but we need to look at how millions of people are living in near poverty and design structures that give them better conditions than they currently have at a price that governments can afford to buy for their people. It may mean structures that are simple to erect and maybe not as robust as we currently have.

The real vision is to sell the governments plans that put people to work and into housing that they have produced.

It may be a week or so before I am back to full speed but I would like to discuss this vision with all of you. If some of you have been back-row Christians, not unlike me, it is time to move to the front row and realize God is in control.

– Jack Moellendick, Davidson

Editor’s note: Jack Moellendick survived a massive heart attack Dec. 6 and was saved by Huntersville town staff members, police and the North Mecklenburg Rescue Squad. That story appeared in last week’s Herald Weekly and can be found at www.huntersvilleherald.com by searching Jack Moellendick.