Advanced Disposal made my son’s day


I would like to share a wonderful experience I had with our local trash company, Advanced Disposal. As a newer company to the area, I wanted to let readers know about a fantastic service the company offers, especially if they have small children like I do.

My 3-year-old son loves watching the garbage truck, as many other children do. I contacted the Advanced Disposal corporate office to inquire about some toy garbage trucks I wanted to purchase for my son’s garbage truck-themed birthday party. I immediately received an email back from their marketing manager who let me know that they would be thrilled to provide me with everything that would make a garbage truck-themed party the best it could be with their “Truck on Over to My Party in a Box.”

With just two week’s notice, Advanced Disposal shipped me a large box full of goodie bag treats for all the kids – free of charge – and made my son’s day when they scheduled a visit to his party from our actual garbage truck and driver! All of the kids had a wonderful day and we could not have been happier. The employees of Advanced Disposal went above and beyond anything we could have imagined and were such a joy to work with. My family and I want to thank them for everything and let anyone know that if they have a child like mine, who loves trash trucks, the Advanced Disposal Party in a Box is a fun opportunity from a wonderful company.

– Mandy Noonan, Huntersville

Bales deserves your vote


Melinda Bales has a passion for Huntersville. She has been out there among you, listening to the issues that most affect you. Melinda understands the value of family and community and their core importance in our 21st century society.

She wants Huntersville to remain a place where people want to raise their families, operate a small business, have friends over for a backyard barbecue and root for their local high school football team.

She is running for Huntersville Town Commissioner so she can have a direct impact on our town. Her focus is to improve our existing infrastructure – our roads and essential services like police, fire and rescue – by managing our taxpayer dollars in an unprecedented fiscally responsible manner. She will also advocate for our schools by maintaining close relationships with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education and Mecklenburg County Commissioners.

This is not a political stepping stone for Melinda as it may be for some, and that is what sets her apart. Her end goal does not lie in Raleigh or Washington, D.C., but right here in Huntersville. Her heart’s desire is to make this a place where her children will want to raise their families someday. She will work diligently for our town to prepare us all for what lies ahead – exponential growth and the valuable opportunities it brings.

That is why Melinda will have my vote on Nov. 8. How about yours?

– Debbie Snyder, Huntersville

Bales is best candidate for Huntersville


Residents of Huntersville, I hope you will vote in the upcoming election. Your vote really does matter ,especially to insure that the Town of Huntersville has the best leadership possible. That is why I am honored to endorse Melinda Bales for our town board. Melinda has shown integrity in any leadership role she has undertaken. She has served as Christ Community Church’s Women’s Ministry Leader for six years and as Torrence Creek Elementary School Parent Teacher Association president-elect and president. In 2009, the town board appointed her to Huntersville Greenway Commission showing its confidence in her abilities. I have worked with Melinda and can vouch for her character. She has a heart for Huntersville, wanting to see it prosper for our residents today and in the future.  She will work hard for the town she loves. I was the Town Clerk in Holden, Maine for 15 years and watched the minority of voters elect our leaders. Let’s make this election an election where the majority chooses our leaders! I encourage you to vote for Melinda Bales and give her a chance to show you the leadership and integrity of character I know she has. You won’t be sorry.

– Carolyn Batchelder, Huntersville

Toll lanes are ‘harebrained, ill-conceived scheme’


I agree with the letter to the editor in the Oct. 28 edition of the Herald Weekly by Kurt Naas, regarding the need for an additional general purpose lane versus the proposed high-occupancy toll lane. One only has to recall when I-77 was widened to four lanes south of Huntersville. One lane was converted immediately to high-occupancy vehicle lane. Anyone who commutes on that section of I-77 can observe that the high-occupancy vehicle lane is only used by a small percentage of the vehicles and many of those vehicles are single occupant. It was a waste of taxpayer money. If taxpayers don’t utilize the high-occupancy vehicle lane for free, they certainly won’t pay for using a toll lane and therefore, the toll lanes will not pay for themselves. It’s just another harebrained, ill-conceived scheme.

– Mark T. Svirchev, Huntersville