Working with Commissioner Danae Caulfield since May 2010 concerning the expansion of the sidewalk on Stumptown Road has truly been a blessing. We started the campaign for the sidewalk expansion in fall 2009. The day that Danae got involved with this project was a key turning point not only for me, personally, as a parent of the school and a member of St. Mark Catholic Church, but also for the other community groups that wanted the sidewalk extension.

With her support, the project gained the momentum it needed to become a reality. She stayed on top of the many issues that arose during the process and communicated with us regularly. Commissioner Caulfield said she would help us as we worked through the many issues and she did.

She kept her word and offered her guidance, integrity and commitment to her community. She has also been instrumental in helping us work with the town in order to get the speed limit lowered in front of the school and is continuing to help us achieve a ‘school zone’ in front of  the school.

– Martha Fleming, Huntersville