In these times of political disillusionment and uncertainty on the national level, we are fortunate to have a handful of candidates running for Huntersville town board who have proven records of integrity. Having been involved in a citizen group trying to get its voice heard by the Huntersville town board, staff and planning board, we have seen how the board members elected in the last two elections make decisions.

Knowing we had to go to the polls Nov. 8 to elect a new town board, we have been studying and interviewing candidates for the upcoming election.

We’ve checked records to see how candidates respond to citizen input and suggestions to see if they really care about the people and what is right for the town by doing their homework and voting on factual information.

Right here in the Huntersville, we have candidates who exhibit great integrity. They take the responsibility to collect and study the facts in order to make an informed decision that they deem is in the best interest of Huntersville – one that aligns the voice of the majority of the people whenever possible. We have found that Mayor Jill Swain, Mayor Pro Tem Sarah McAulay, Commissioner Ron Julian, planning board member Jeff Neely and former Mayor Pro Tem Charles Guignard all have integrity and care deeply about our town and its people. They all have board experience and a proven record of listening to the voice of the people and making informed decisions for the good of the Town of Huntersville. Their word is their bond, and you can count on them telling the truth.

We are fortunate indeed to have five candidates who exhibit individual integrity and respect for the people.

Usually only 11 to 17 percent (2009 statistics) of voters take the time to go to the polls to elect a new town board. This November, you have an opportunity to capitalize on your rights and freedoms as citizens of the United States of American and go to the polls to elect Mayor Swain, and four commissioners, (Guignard, Julian, McAulay and Neely) who have a record of proven integrity. Early voting is fast and easy at the North County Regional Library.

Will you take 30 minutes to utilize your freedom and vote?

– Susan and Ken Holtje, Mike Harven, Chuck Shallish and
Troy and Deana Purvis,