I am a parent of a fifth-grader at Torrence Creek Elementary School. The Torrence Creek Parent-Teacher Association is in the midst of a fundraising effort.

The Parent-Teacher Association is attempting to raise money to replace one of the two computer labs that was taken away by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system. Additionally, the money is used for other Parent-Teacher Association programs like Accelerated Reader and math programs, and many other items that directly impact the students. I realize that some people may not be in a position to give at all, so I am hesitant to give a sort of “rah rah” pitch to anyone about giving to the school.

I simply want to state the reasons that led me to write a check to the school. I should say that I used their suggested $100 as a guideline and wrote the amount that I felt comfortable with. But, I would like my daughter to have more weekly hands-on computer training. And, I believe with all the budget cuts in the school system, I would like to bridge the gap between what the school system can provide and what our children need.

– Gail Greenough, Huntersville