Due to necessary editorial length restrictions in this election season, I excised some positive introductory comments about former Davidson Mayor Randall Kincaid from my Oct.14 letter in the Herald Weekly (“Government in Davidson: The reality.”)

Kincaid, a longtime friend and former colleague, was an able, if sometimes autocratic, public official, and should be remembered for fostering many good things in the town I most cherish – such as the greenway named after him.

There is no doubt in my mind that Kincaid embodied the strong spine it took to withstand ravenous developers and to preserve the character of the town in a critical decade. At the top of the list of the things he would miss most as mayor, he said (in 2007): “Having the wonderful opportunity to tell people when time’s up, sit down and be quiet.”

Also, a Herald quote from Town Manager Leamon Brice, when arguing that the “pre-meeting meetings system does not dampen public debate at regular town board meetings,” was edited out.

Noting that critics accused the board of too many 5-0 votes during Kincaid’s tenure, Brice said:

“There’s enough good discussion and talking going on that you come to a place where there often is a 5-0 vote. I’m not sure why we work so hard for consensus. … It’s easier to stop the discussion and vote 3 to 2 than come to a consensus. That’s a value held here that maybe other communities don’t have. I never thought about it that much.”

Again, I submit that this modus operandi facilitates manager-mayor-council government, not a council-manager form of government.

– William E. Jackson, Jr., Davidson