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Let’s get over this area being called Lake Norman.  I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wis., and I lived in the Bay Area, which consists of at least 10 communities. Then I moved to the Fox River Valley area, which consists of at least 10 communities. Naming an area is not unique here .It is helpful when searching for services.


For all the fuss about toll lanes on I-77, the fact is Lake Norman just got out-hustled on this one. Ballantyne has been bleating, whining and threatening to secede for years over their roads. The result? Widened Interstate 485, new flyovers, a new Smokey Bissell Parkway – all at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, the folks at the lake were waterskiing or sipping martinis in the gazebo.  Now it's too late – we are in an anti-tax, anti-government era where any spending is regarded as socialism. We've defunded education, gutted social services, let our infrastructure crumble and cut taxes. There is no new money, probably not in our lifetime. So suck it up Lake Norman. It's gridlock or tolls. There is no third choice.


Bikers on the Greenway in Davidson need to be more thoughtful and announce "On Your Left" when approaching walkers. The bicycles are fairly quiet ,and it is very unnerving to have a cyclist speed by without announcing their presence. There is no margin for error when we are all sharing the same space!


To raise the revenue for the Harley Davidsons, Huntersville Police could simply ticket failure to signal infractions. At any intersection on Sam Furr Road, they would have enough money in under half an hour!

It might also make our roads safer and remind drivers of the rules.


It took 20 minutes to get from One Norman to I-77 North this Saturday. That's less than a mile. 20 minutes! This is progress? I'm begging to see why there is only one other of these double diamonds in the U.S. Maybe some toll booths would speed things up.


Why does traffic back up southbound on I-77 leading up to where two lanes becomes four lanes??? Do the laws of science and mathematics cease to exist along the corridor between exits 23 and 19?


China doesn't invent things, making only mass quantities of cheap “goods.” Here we have a gluttony of coal dust, car tires and pizza joints. Lord, how it hurts.