HUNTERSVILLE – Devan Kline could once be found on the baseball diamond – playing for Central Michigan University and the San Francisco Giants minor league organization.

Baseball was his passion. But after living with a host family and helping his host mom lose 45 pounds, a new passion developed.

“She was overweight, unhappy and depressed,” Kline said. “As a gesture, I decided to help her get in shape. At first, she didn’t want to do it, but she didn’t have a choice. She lost 45 pounds in five and a half months. I saw first hand how her quality of life changed with her husband and her family.”

After giving up baseball, Kline followed his fiancé, Morgan Stevens, who he has dated since he was 12, to Florida and then North Carolina for her job. While he was in Florida, Kline developed his plan for Burn Boot Camp, targeting women who want to feel better and live healthier lives.

Each day of the week focuses on a different part of the body, though some days include full-body workouts.

“The workouts are dynamic to the point where bootcampers will never do the same one twice,” Kline said. “The program is very thought-out and thorough.”

Approximately 480 women have joined Burn Boot Camp in Huntersville since it opened in April 2013.

Lucy Randall enjoys Burn Boot Camp because the workouts are intense and always different. She has lost 23 pounds and 11 percent body fat since December.

“I want something that is going to sweat all my makeup off and force me to push my limits and boundaries and this is it,” Randall said.

Shortly after the Huntersville location opened, Stevens gave up her corporate job and joined Kline as a trainer.

She is now the head trainer at the Cornelius location.

“The greatest part of my job, especially training women, is being able to instill confidence in them,” Stevens said. “Whether fitness has been a part of your life or you are just starting out, we all have the same goal in mind – to get stronger, have more energy and set a positive example for your family.”

The goal of Burn Boot Camp is to provide a place and platform where moms feel safe, encouraged and motivated in an atmosphere where they can bond together and form relationships.

“During our camps, I strive to give them a challenging workout but also encourage and motivate in a positive way,” Stevens said. I want anyone that walks out of my workout to feel proud of themselves and believe that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.”

Want to go?

• 311 Gilead Road, Huntersville

• 19902 North Cove Road, Cornelius