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Monday, September 1, 2014
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Thrown under the bus...

The Cornelius board has thrown a developer under the bus, demanding they fix a traffic problem that exists with or without their development. Politicians hype a public swimming beach at Ramsey Creek but want one developer to pay for that intersection? Public money to a private firm to build a… read more about Thrown under the bus...

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Who cut down the trees?

A reader submitted the following complaint to The Herald Weekly's Peeved section: "Our weekly walk on the Birkdale Greenway turned from a beautiful, pastoral experience of nature at its best, to a sudden and terrible view of beautiful, old-growth trees being clear-cut for some new subdivision. I… read more about Who cut down the trees?

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Who let the cat out?

Individuals with cats for pets who, apparently, do not feel rules and regulations apply to them, nor does practicing common courtesy for their neighbors. What makes you think it is OK for your free-ranging cat to defecate and urinate on my property, to get into regular cat fights with a lot of… read more about Who let the cat out?