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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Thumbnail for 6- 13 Bean Soup

6- 13 Bean Soup

Need your daily dose of iron and protein? What a better way to get it! Being snowed in means either lots of outside activity in the snow or too much sitting inside not moving. Consider eating healthy during a snow day or just on any cold day. 13 bean soup consists of all kinds of beans, ranging… read more about 6- 13 Bean Soup

Thumbnail for 7- Crock Pot

7- Crock Pot

The smell of any slow cooker meal will resonate throughout the house, leaving your taste buds to say, "Hey let's eat"! Cook up some shredded chicken barbecue, beef and potatoes or mac-n-cheese to celebrate the winter season.  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 7- Crock Pot

Thumbnail for 9- Taco Soup

9- Taco Soup

Maybe you want to throw a fiesta during your snow day or sometime during chilly, winter weather! Craving something ethnic? Give taco soup a try! But this one will require heading out to the grocery store ahead of time. Be sure to purchase ground beef, tomatoes, chopped green chilis, olives, onions,… read more about 9- Taco Soup

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Arts Briefs - Week of 2/5

Lake Norman beer tours continue CORNELIUS – The Feb. 7 installment of the Lake Norman Brew Ha Ha Tour sold out with 122 guests, but organizers have planned three more tours. Tours include luxury transportation, flights, souvenir pint glasses, beer tastings and appetizers. • The Feb. 21… read more about Arts Briefs - Week of 2/5

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Music Lounge - Week of 2/5

Your source for Lake Norman performances Friday, Feb. 6 • 202 North Main – Guitar Summit with Randall Sprinkle, Brad Baily and Troy Conn • Galway Hooker – Scott Munns • Harvey’s (Huntersville) – Tim Cook Band Duo • MoJo’s Grill & Pub – HC Oakes • The Bathtub Gin – Barefoot… read more about Music Lounge - Week of 2/5

Thumbnail for 1- Keeps 'em movin'

1- Keeps 'em movin'

At summer camp, children tend to participate in different activities inside and outdoors. Camps provide numerous ways to get exercise and keep kids physically active. Instead of your child sitting at home watching television and playing video games, get them moving with other kids. They will thank… read more about 1- Keeps 'em movin'

Thumbnail for 2- Boosts confidence

2- Boosts confidence

Camp is unlike school- kids partake in non-competitive events and experience some kind of accomplishment regardless. Kids are provided with different opportunities to learn how to be successful and achieve their goals, which leads to higher self-esteem and confidence.  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 2- Boosts confidence