Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Thumbnail for 2- the hunt

2- the hunt

Haven't most kids experienced waiting for their parents to hide Easter eggs in and around their home so they can run off and find as many as they can as quickly as possible? Well, this Easter, let's let the adults take on the role of the children! Kids, this time you hide the eggs. Use your… read more about 2- the hunt

Thumbnail for 3- the costume

3- the costume

Consider a DIY! Dress up like Peter Cottontail! Get some cottonballs for the tail, your onesie pj's for the body and toilet paper rolls for the ears. Hold a carrot stick and hop around! Turn it into a costume contest. Ask the neighbors to join in and let a parent judge who has the coolest bunny… read more about 3- the costume

Thumbnail for 4- the carrot

4- the carrot

Go find the carrot! Instead of an Easter egg hunt, dig 50 holes in your front or back yard. Make sure the holes are spread out far apart from one another. This way the game lasts longer and takes more search effort. Place a carrot in one of the holes. Let the kids go wild searching for the carrot.… read more about 4- the carrot

Thumbnail for 5- the basket

5- the basket

Don't fill the kid's Easter basket with the typical- chocolate, Easter eggs, stick-on tattoos, cotton candy and peeps. Design a treasure map. Hide basket fillers all in one place in the house and place a black 'X' over them. Then, have the children look for their desired goodies! Watch their faces… read more about 5- the basket

Thumbnail for 8- the grass

8- the grass

You know that fake, grassy decoration that is placed in Easter baskets to hold chocolate bunnies and eggs? Instead of storing it for the basket, throw an Easter party for the kids and use the grass as confetti! Sure, grass confetti would be a mess to clean up, but the material would provide just… read more about 8- the grass

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Arts Briefs - Week of 3/5

Piano concerts benefit charities DAVIDSON – George Winston, one of the world’s most recognized pianists, will perform a concert that helps local charities. His Davidson performance will feature autumn and winter songs, including songs inspired by Vince Guaraldi, New Orleans R&B and Harlem… read more about Arts Briefs - Week of 3/5

Thumbnail for 1- Date

1- Date

Whether he is just a friend or someone more, like a first love or long-term boyfriend, ladies enjoy having a sweet boy decked out in a dark suit/tuxedo and tie escort them to the prom- the night they spend weeks and maybe even months preparing. Ladies often question whether the guy already has a… read more about 1- Date

Thumbnail for 10- The PROMPOSAL


"Will you go to prom with me?" is probably one of the hardest questions a boy will ever ask a girl. Boys, how do you plan to pop the question this year? Be creative and confident but keep it simple. Start your prom out right and impress the girl you have been waiting to take to prom for a long… read more about 10- The PROMPOSAL

Thumbnail for 2- Dress

2- Dress

Sparkly? Strapless? Dark? Light? Ruffles? These are the questions running through a girl's mind as she decides what dress to wear as she dances during prom. She might even imagine what would appear prettier as she poses for photos. Every girl is different and as they say, each to his own. But every… read more about 2- Dress