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Sunday, July 5, 2015
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Thumbnail for 9- Be responsible

9- Be responsible

Students, you have heard the expression, "safety first." So live by it, especially on spring break when everyone sets aside reality and forgets everyday responsibilities . Sure, take some adventures, but don't take dangerous risks. In other words, be responsible, make the right choices and don't… read more about 9- Be responsible

Thumbnail for 10- ...a gift card?

10- ...a gift card?

The Herald Weekly would like to grant YOU, yes you reading this post, a $100 cash card! You have been selected as the winner of our "Help the Community" program. Come to our office located at 209 Delburg Street, Suite 209 at the Cotton Mill in Davidson to claim your prize! Get yourself some… read more about 10- ...a gift card?

Thumbnail for 2- Cup of water

2- Cup of water

Here's a classic. Kids get a kick out of this one. Take a small, disposable cup of water and place partially on the top of an open door. As soon as someone pushes open the door just slightly, the cup should fall, leaving not only a mess but a splash that makes the person jump!  PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 2- Cup of water

Thumbnail for 3- Hold the mayo

3- Hold the mayo

Maybe you see this one as a waste. But hey, maybe you don't like mayonnaise anyway. Empty out a jar of mayo and replace the contents with vanilla pudding. Won't the victim be in for a sweet surprise next time they take out the mayo jar from the refrigerator to fix a turkey sandwich!   PREVIOUS… read more about 3- Hold the mayo

Thumbnail for 4- Chocolate pudding

4- Chocolate pudding

This one must be done at night. Have a sleepover with your friend and if that's not possible, pull the prank on a family member. Once your friend or family member has fallen asleep for the night, wake up and spread fresh, chocolate pudding all around the top of the toilet seat the victim most… read more about 4- Chocolate pudding

Thumbnail for 5- Alarm clocks

5- Alarm clocks

Once you decide who to prank, set that person's alarm clock to an ungodly hour of the night, maybe 3 a.m., and hide the alarm in a spot that will keep the victim on a frantic search. If you want to make this April Fool's Prank even more hilarious to watch, set a couple more alarms and hide them, as… read more about 5- Alarm clocks

Thumbnail for 6- Yard bombard

6- Yard bombard

This prank is certainly for the teenagers. During the night, bombard someone's yard with the typical pink flamingos, shiny confetti or some other kind of plastic objects. No vandalizing or egging! Keep it legal but give your neighbors something to clean the next day. PREVIOUS NEXT read more about 6- Yard bombard

Thumbnail for 7- Wrong cereal?

7- Wrong cereal?

What a kid-friendly, harmless joke we have here! Kids, you know your parents favorite cereal and it's most likely not Lucky Charms. Take their Raisin Brain cereal and empty the contents into a large container. Place your Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops or whatever cereal you enjoy into your parent's… read more about 7- Wrong cereal?

Thumbnail for 8- Mustache exhibit

8- Mustache exhibit

There are some April Fools pranks that just live on. Another one for the kids, draw a thick, dark mustache on a friend or siblings upper lip while he or she is sleeping. But be careful, don't attempt this prank on a light sleeper and use eyeliner because it's not permanent but certainly difficult… read more about 8- Mustache exhibit

Thumbnail for 9- Keep those germs away

9- Keep those germs away

What could be more gross than feeling the aftermath of a loud, slimy sneeze? Go to the bathroom and wet your hands thoroughly with water. Be sure you are out with a friend at a public place. Come back, pretend to sneeze and of course, cover your mouth, just like you were taught. Once you have… read more about 9- Keep those germs away