Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Arts Briefs - Week of 4/30

‘Cinderella’ returns in audience participation play DAVIDSON – Activate Community Through Theatre presents “Cinderella,” an audience participation play for ages 3-12. In ACT’s adaptation, Artistic Director Wrenn Goodrum instills in its young audiences that one’s behavior determines one’s… read more about Arts Briefs - Week of 4/30

Thumbnail for 1- Clean house

1- Clean house

Give mom a break from her routine house duties. Pick up the vacuum and get to work! Tell mom to go out for a while as you clean up the house. Let her return knowing the cleaning has been all taken care of and done. Leave her speechless when she walks in to find a spotless table, clear windows and… read more about 1- Clean house

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10- A list to remember

Make a list of the top 10 reasons why your mother is the best in the world. Make a list of the top things that you feel make her so great. As you hand her the list, give her a big hug to top it off. Sort of how a cherry tops off an ice cream sundae. A hug at the end is sure to make mother feel… read more about 10- A list to remember

Thumbnail for 2- Delicious meal

2- Delicious meal

Mother usually makes a meal almost everyday, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. She may enjoy cooking for her family, but there's no doubt she gets tired of trying to plan meals, hit the grocery store and prepare the food. This time, you make the meal! Tell mother dinner is on you Mother's… read more about 2- Delicious meal