Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Arts Briefs - Week of 4/9

Wonderland comes to local stage DAVIDSON – Davidson Community Players will present “Alice in Wonderland,” which is based on “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll and adapted by Heather Wilson-Bowlby. “Alice in Wonderland” will be performed at 7 p.m. April 17 and 24; 1 p.m. April… read more about Arts Briefs - Week of 4/9

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Music Lounge - Week of 4/9

Your source for Lake Norman performances Friday, April 10 • 202 North Main – Stella and “The Groove Crew” • Bathtub Gin – Shag Night • Corkscrew Wine Shoppe and Bar – Kevin Brawley • Galway Hooker – Kevin Jones • MoJo’s Grill and Pub – Pea Pickin Hearts • Rusty Rudder –… read more about Music Lounge - Week of 4/9

Thumbnail for 1- Be positive

1- Be positive

Students, let's start with an attitude change. So what you have to go back to school? It isn't the worst thing in the world. Think of it like this. Going to school means you are that much closer to graduation, college and then a real world job where you can make money and gain diverse experiences.… read more about 1- Be positive

Thumbnail for 10- Be healthy

10- Be healthy

When you are hungry next time students, grab an apple instead of chips. Stay hydrated during the day by drinking plenty of water. Get a solid night's rest. Sleep at least 7 hours each night. Staying healthy will help you feel better, less tired and more energized. You will be much more ready to… read more about 10- Be healthy

Thumbnail for 2- Make plans for summer

2- Make plans for summer

Okay, so you can't get spring break out of your head. Go ahead. Consider summer! Research places to potentially visit and start looking forward to more time with your friends. Come up with cool ideas. Do things you couldn't normally do during the school year. After all, summertime is a little over… read more about 2- Make plans for summer

Thumbnail for 4- Fight procrastination

4- Fight procrastination

Don't wait to do that history research paper the night before it's due. It's always hard to come back from spring break on the ball and ready to work. But don't let the school work build up, only to leave you stressed and anxious as the weeks move forward. Stay up to date on all your assignments.… read more about 4- Fight procrastination

Thumbnail for 5- Take breaks

5- Take breaks

As you work on assignments and study for your next test, take little breaks every hour. Don't go too crazy though and take advantage of the short time away from your studies. Try to get some exercise in between each subject. Call up a friend, walk outside, grab a snack or watch your favorite… read more about 5- Take breaks

Thumbnail for 6- Stay organized

6- Stay organized

Remember to pack your bookbags the night before students. Make sure you have all your school stuff ready to go before you hop on the bus or get in the car. Staying organized will keep you more motivated and get you back on track much easier. Continue writing down all your assigments in a planner or… read more about 6- Stay organized

Thumbnail for 7- Create goals

7- Create goals

Wanting to ace your next Spanish test? Looking to achieve a certain GPA? Hoping to get into your dream college? Set some goals and work toward them. Get away from those spring break thoughts and focus on your goals. Put your goals first and don't let anyone or anything get in your way of… read more about 7- Create goals

Thumbnail for 8- Follow routine

8- Follow routine

Students, we know you have been back in school for a few days now, but it can take a week or two to get back into everyday routines and the daily grind. Try to stick with your routine of going to school, coming home, doing homework, taking minibreaks, attending meetings and after school/sports… read more about 8- Follow routine