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Thumbnail for 1- Pack lightly

1- Pack lightly

Students always question the length of spring break, wishing it was two or three weeks. But the reality is, you are only granted a week. School doors will open the following Monday. Since you are only gone a week, no need to pack your entire room in your suitcase. Pack lightly. Pack for a week,… read more about 1- Pack lightly

Thumbnail for 2- Book early

2- Book early

Don't wait until the last minute to book hotel rooms, flights or other expensive tickets. The sooner, the cheaper as your parents probably know. If you plan to go with a family member, make sure the two of you and your friends book early. Rates often climb as you get closer to your preferred date… read more about 2- Book early

Thumbnail for 3- Budget wisely

3- Budget wisely

As spring break approaches, students know they will need some money. They hope and pray a money tree will spring up in their backyards, but unfortunately, none of us are that lucky. Every vacation, especially if parents aren't involved with the financial aspect, requires a budget. This also applies… read more about 3- Budget wisely

Thumbnail for 4- Break the stereotype

4- Break the stereotype

The beach is not the only option for spring break. A fancy island with family or camping trip around nearby mountains are exciting, but don't feel you have to follow the crowd. Students, do what you want to do and go where you want to go. Maybe you just want to lay in your front yard, get some sun… read more about 4- Break the stereotype

Thumbnail for 5- Bucket list

5- Bucket list

Are you going to a local theme park? Going bowling with friends? Create a "spring break" bucket list before it all begins. Maybe you decided you would ride the tallest roller coaster in the park for the first time or you would beat all your friends with the highest score in bowling. No matter what… read more about 5- Bucket list

Thumbnail for 7- Use apps

7- Use apps

Almost everybody has some kind of smart phone, especially teenagers who are tech savvy and very knowledgable about phone functions and applications. Students, maybe you are on the beach with your friends and family. Perhaps, you guys discuss where you plan to eat and how to get there. Ta-da! Use… read more about 7- Use apps

Thumbnail for 8- Take pics

8- Take pics

Who knows what will happen on spring break? Students, maybe you and your family will experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You and your best friend might share some of the most hilarious laughs and cherishable moments. So, remember to bring a camera to take pictures that will leave lasting… read more about 8- Take pics